Mario Ferrari, M.A.

Mario Ferrari is a PhD Candidate in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of British Columbia. He currently has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from UBC, in addition to several years of experience in various clinical treatment practicums throughout the Lower Mainland. In addition to his clinical training, Mario has conducted research on risk factors for problem gambling, and he has co-authored peer-reviewed articles on this topic and presented his work at conferences across North America.

Mario’s clinical training has focused on providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, perfectionism, and difficulties related to emotion and behavioural dysregulation. Mario has received multiple years of training in each of cognitive behavioural therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy, and psychodynamic therapy. He has worked with clients across the lifespan and from diverse backgrounds.

Mario’s foremost role in therapy is to create nonjudgmental atmosphere to enable you to establish meaningful goals for emotional and behavioural change, and to help identify and address any barriers to those goals. Mario has an easy-going, attentive, and compassionate interpersonal style, and he works collaboratively and flexibly to help clients improve their quality of life.